Mandir Progress Update 4th May 2018

Dear All. NAMASTE.


1. Our prayers to the departed soul of our young member of community, Milin

2. We also pray for our very senior member Mr Rajinder Paul Sood for his
speedy recovery after his accident last week.

3. The good news is that Finally we have managed to submit all the required
applications with Council, HSA, Fire Office, Disability Office. This is
most crucial aspect of the whole building.

4. We have also managed to complete phase 2 which is electrification part
of the building, toilets, disability toilet, painting, some other relevant
work related to building and approval.

5. We have also lined up contractors for Heating, Security Alarms,
Insurance, Gas Connection, Electricity Connection etc. We have decided to
go for SOLAR Heating for office and Shrine area heating/water hotpress,
which is most economical and long term solution. Parrallel we will have gas
option too.

6. Communication with Donors– Week commencing Mon 7th May we will be
posting out some official paperwork from VHCCI to all our respected donors.
This includes
– Thank You letter
– Receipts to those who did not get yet
– Membership Cert
– Data Mandate form
– Tax Benefit Forms

7. Request- My personal request to all donors is that if you do not get a
letter from us within 10 working days from 7th May onwards please PM me and
I will check why? It may be due to an error on address or other data entry
on our part. Please do not post it in the groups as I may miss that and
will not be of any help. PM me please.

8- Data- It took bit longer than expected to compile data of donors due to
various reasons. We have finally compiled 90% but still 10% is pending as
names mentioned as reference in the online payments were different to
people transfering. I will be in touch with them soon this week personally
to sort it out.

9- We are not leaving any stone untouched to deliver Temple in time and
will be in touch in case of any delay. Rest is GOD’s Will.

10. Thanks- We sincerely thank all for your co- operation, patience and

Kind Regards
Sudhansh Verma