Vedic Hindu Cultural Centre Ireland (VVHCCI) was launched in 2015 with a view to create an Indian Cultural Centre in and around Dublin . The Cultural Centre will provide a platform for the community to practice and promote Indian culture. The Cultural Centre will be broadly based covering various important aspects of Indian culture viz. music, languages, drama, yoga, religion, etc. It will also provide a place of worship, Mandir, need for which has been long felt. Through awareness and practice of our culture it will be possible for us and our children to integrate with the Irish community without losing our identity. Such a cultural centre will be accessed by everyone in society, Indians and non-Indians alike.

Aims and Objectives

• Create conducive environment for promotion of universal Brotherhood, inter-cultural harmony and respect for all religions in Ireland.
• Conduct classes and workshops to promote knowledge of various Indian languages, Yoga, meditation, spirituality, Indian classical music and dances for the benefit of the community.
• Provide adequate facilities for Indian community to engage in all kinds of cultural and religious activities and celebration of major Hindu festivals.
• Raise funds to build, run and maintain a Hindu Cultural Centre through which the main and subsidiary objectives may be achieved.
• Preach message of peace and universal brotherhood.


VHCCI has successfully organized many events since its establishment in 2007 viz. Lohri, Pongal, Makarsankanti, Holi, Diwali, Manipuri Dance, to name but few. It also organizes classes in Hindi language and Bhartnatyam dance. It holds regularly monthly Satsang / worship.

VHCCI interacts with Education Department on syllabus on Hinduism. It also provides speakers on Hinduism and Culture to schools and social and community organisations. Religious needs of the community for various rituals are also looked after by VHCCI…

VHCCI Temple and Centre details

  • Total Covered area- approx 10000 sq ft
  • Can accommodate 1000 people
  • Mandir Area
  • Reception area
  • Cultural Hall
  • Yagya Centre
  • Yoga/Meditation centre
  • Feet Washing Area
  • 500x Shoe Rakes
  • Cloths hanging area
  • Kitchen/Dining
  • Small Hall for small gatherings
  • Library
  • Language/Music/Vedic Classes Centre

VHCCI is in middle of fund raising campaign for purchase of a cultural centre property.  Any contribution will be gratefully received. One may donate one-off lump-sum or a regular amount by monthly banker’s standing order. For further information please visit or contact .